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We are looking for Operations Manager & Technical Leads!


So… let’s try to match with the following idea:

The multitude of job advertisements makes it impossible to emphasize the content of one’s own advertisement.

Advertisements scream with possibilities and responsibilities that are put in front of the newhire’s face.

The following idea tries to match the job emotion of the person you are looking for. It does not sound like much content, but it does not provide less information than a job advertisement with 15 responsibilities, 8 qualities to bring along and 5 possibilities the new job offers.

The questions convey the request for self-motivation, reliability and the ability to work in a team. The questions should also indicate that a high level of professionalism is required, but a flexible environment (when, where and how) is offered.


What we are looking for:

You are an experienced IT-Admin but new software and server versions don’t make your heart beat faster?

You like coordinating and working in the field of it operations and getting people (the easy ones and the difficult ones) together?

You want to get out of technology – at least partially – and use your experience to help develop the IT organization?

You have a bright almost thievish pleasure in sustainable solutions and tweaks?

Are you structured, your work is worthwhile and you do like to explain things?

Change, problem and CSI management are not buzzwords for you?

You accept that where many people work together, processes and agreements are not a recommendation, but can be questioned as well as used for plannable work and are therefore useful?

You know creating your own working environment, driven by self responsibility is key to your personal well being and in further consequence for your success?

You want to work independently, don’t let go and are an added value for the team?

You understand the necessity of a smooth IT operation and support its organization and documentation?

You want to see and shape the bigger picture, work service centric and dedicated over all support layers and make interfaces and information flow better and better?

You want to develop ideas together, implement them quickly and pull together with the team?

You have polite manners, brush your teeth twice a day, are reliable and like to take the helm?

Siloed workforce was yesterday – evolution of the employee is today?


If you can answer some of these questions with an intrinsically motivated ‘yes’, send us your CV.

Let us know who you are, what motivates you and what you want to do.


Looking forward to hear from you!

Yours odc-Team

odc gmbh

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